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Choosing the Right ADT Package for Your Home

When someone talks about home security, the name ADT instantly comes to mind. While there might be many options to pick from, few come close to ADT, and for good reason. With 140 years of home security experience, ADT is just who you need to work with. This article will talk about the different ADT security packages that they sell.

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ADT Home Security – An Overview

Back in 1874, ADT, or the American District Telegraph Company was founded. Over the next century and a half, the company evolved into the home security titan it now is. With the digital age upon us, we find that ADT home security systems are the best they’ve ever been. They offer a variety of services that include:

ADT Home Security Systems

Customers can choose from wired systems, wireless systems, and hybrid security systems. Their plans are incredibly modular, allowing you to customize the plan to your requirements – more on that later.

ADT Monitoring Services

With an ADT protection plan, customers have the option to use professional monitoring, video monitoring, and 24/7 monitoring. ADT comes with different services and options.

Home Automation

In the age of the Internet of Things, even home security is now incredibly smart. You can use your phone to turn off your lights, lock your doors, and arm your home security system. ADT uses the latest technology and the best equipment to make this a reality.

ADT Home Security Plans

If you’re considering ADT, there are three main packages to pick from:

ADT Security PackagePackage PriceFeaturesEquipment Rental Fee*One-Time Equipment Fee
Secure$45.99/mo.·        Intrusion detection·        Touch screen panel·        Voice control·        24/7 monitoring·        Service and repair warranty Starts at $9.98/mo.$599 at the start
Smart$49.99/mo.·        All the features of Secure·        Smart home automation·        Remote accessStarts at $15.32/mo.$919 at the start
Complete$59.99/mo.·        All the features of Smart·        Live HD video·        Video clip storageStarts at $17.82/mo.$1069 at the start

Each package gives you a different set of equipment and functionality as standard. As we mentioned, these home security systems are incredibly modular. With any package, you can add more sensors and functionality for an additional charge.  

Assess Your Home Security Needs

When installing a home security system, here is how to assess your home security needs. There are a few key factors to keep an eye out for:

Crime In Your Area

Depending on where you live, different levels of crime exist. In some areas, there is rampant crime while in others there is barely any. Before getting an ADT home security system, make sure you know what the crime situation is like. Living in an area with high crime rates would warrant a comprehensive home security system.

Your Belongings

If your home has plenty of valuable belongings, it is imperative that you protect it as such. While anything we own is valuable, most irreplaceable possessions need protection. This includes collectors’ items, jewelry, and electronics that can set you back a pretty penny.


Working parents or frequent travelers must invest in home security systems. For parents at the office, it is important that they keep an eye on their children. With ADT smart home security systems, they can be at work and use smart cameras to see that their kids haven’t completely destroyed everything. Frequent travelers also stand to benefit from the same. They can watch their homes, inside and out, remotely lock and unlock their doors, and travel in peace.


After deciding that you should get a home security system, considering the budget to work with is important. There are three ADT home security plans to pick from, each progressively getting better. With each plan, you get more and more functionality to further improve your home security. 

Picking An ADT Home Security Plan

As a homeowner, here is how you pick an ADT home security plan:

·        Survey your home for any area that could be a vulnerability. Doors, windows, fences, alleyways, and potential spots.

·        Understand what type of crime is prevalent in your area and work accordingly.

·        Take your lifestyle into account and pick a package that works

·        Get in touch with ADT customer service to find the best solution!

Final Thoughts

Picking the right ADT package for your home is one of the easiest decisions you will make. Three packages offer immense value from the get-go with additional modularity. You can adjust it to your needs, find what works for you, and then go down that route. Securing your home is imperative and is incredibly important for all homeowners. Make the responsible decision and go for the best home security system for homes that you can get!

Get in touch with ADT customer service to join the family today!



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