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Atlantic Hurricane Season Drives Demand for Tarps and Covers, Straining Consumer Supplies


The Atlantic hurricane season brings with it the threat of severe storms and the need for disaster recovery materials. Tarps and coverings play a crucial role in creating temporary shelters, repairing roofs, protecting windows, diverting floodwaters, and safeguarding equipment, inventories, and vehicles. Tarps Now®, a leading tarp manufacturer in the United States, is currently operating at peak capacity to meet the escalating demand from government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and consumers. This article highlights the impact of the Atlantic hurricane season on consumer supplies of tarps and covers, emphasizes the importance of advance preparation, and showcases Tarps Now® as a reliable provider of disaster recovery products.

Unprecedented Weather Conditions Drive Demand Surge

The Atlantic hurricane season typically witnesses the formation of around twelve storms. However, recent years have seen an increase in storm activity, leading to unprecedented weather conditions. As a result, the demand for tarps and coverings has surged dramatically. Tarps Now®, recognizing the need for immediate action, has ramped up its production to operate at full capacity. This proactive response aims to meet the mounting demand for disaster recovery materials caused by the surge in storm-related incidents.

Preparing in Advance: Stockpiling Materials

In anticipation of sudden storm-related disaster recovery needs, many individuals and organizations are taking proactive measures by stockpiling tarps, covers, and industrial fabrics. Tarps Now® acknowledges this trend and offers stock-sized roofing tarps, debris lifting tarps, and hurricane mesh tarps that are specifically engineered to meet emergency situations. Moreover, the company provides custom tarp manufacturing to cater to specialized disaster recovery applications. By promoting the concept of advance preparation and stockpiling, Tarps Now® aims to ensure that individuals and organizations are well-equipped to handle the aftermath of a hurricane or severe storm.

Tarps Now® Disaster Recovery Products

Tarps Now® offers a wide range of high-quality tarps and covers to address various disaster recovery needs. Their extensive online catalog includes industrial-grade canvas tarps, poly tarps, mesh tarps, vinyl tarps, and specialty tarps. Whether customers require custom-sized tarps or stock options, Tarps Now® strives to meet their specific requirements. The company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive selection of tarp options positions them as a leader in the industry. Customers can conveniently order products online and rely on Tarps Now®’s knowledgeable staff to guide them through the specification process, ensuring that their projects are completed on time and within budget.


As the Atlantic hurricane season intensifies, the demand for tarps and covers continues to grow, placing strains on consumer supplies. Tarps Now® has risen to the occasion by operating at peak capacity, fulfilling the needs of government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individual consumers. With their extensive range of disaster recovery products, including custom tarps and covers, Tarps Now® offers a one-stop solution for those seeking reliable and durable materials. By emphasizing the importance of advance preparation and stockpiling, Tarps Now® aims to empower individuals and organizations to face the challenges posed by severe storms, ensuring that customer expectations are exceeded for projects of any scale.



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